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White Label Forex partnership

The White Label Partnership Program is designed for organizations with their own client base and legal entities who want to start working in Forex business under their own brand and trading platform. Our partners have access to the best-awarded trading platform and a full scope of administrative tools and instruments which allow them to join and thrive the high growth industry.


Before starting a White Label Business with RubiconFX you need to be sure that you have:

1. A deep understanding of the Forex Market;
2. Your own database of active clients;
3. A strong marketing strategy for promoting your company and attracting new clients on the highly competitive Forex Market;
4. A comfortable and modern office with all equipment that you need for your team;

Your Team should include at least:

1. 2-3 support agents;
2. 3-5 sales managers;
3. web developer;
4. back-end developer;
5. web designer;
6. marketing specialist.

A budget:

1. For the marketing campaign;
2. Salaries (at least for the first 6-12 months);
3. MT4 branding;
4. Secure deposit.

In case you are not ready to meet all the requirements needed to start a White Label Business we can offer you to earn with us using our Affiliate program.


Affiliate program

With our affiliate program, you can still derive the same benefit, as you will with the white label and even better, without a headache and responsibilities of managing white label business.